The piece Spring’s Mother is an oil painting on canvas 40x50cm included in my Greek Muses series. It was inspired by Persephone, goddess of spring and queen of the underworld according to Greek Mythology.

I chose the spring strand of Persephone for its representation since I painted it during spring, and bees as a symbol for this time of year and as a crucial being for the existence of life on earth. Curiously, Persephone was also associated with death, but we can not forget that death comes from the life and the myth of this Goddess represents this clearely.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimension: 40 x 50 cm / 15.74 x 19.68 inch

Year: 2018


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdD1C4-g_L4[/embedyt]

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