Luís Parreira is a self-taught figurative artist, living in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores. Graduated and working in the information technology area, from a very young age he used painting as a form of expression and self-achievement.

His artistic journey went through two distinct phases. He started by exploring portraits, in charcoal and dry pastel, always trying to obtain a representation as realistic as possible. Over time, he felt the need to transmit through the painting not only what he saw but what he felt and imagined. Today, his work deals with imaginative content with a certain level of realism, essentially women, with a penetrating look and a majestic posture, sometimes intimidating, reinvigorating the power of beauty and inner strength.

Drawing inspiration from feminine beauty, fashion and fantasy, Luís seamlessly integrates these influences into his artistic creation. Additionally, his connection to his cultural roots provides a subconscious wellspring of creativity, resulting in artwork that reflects his heritage in subtle and evocative ways.

To bring his artistic vision to life, Luís harnesses the techniques of the Renaissance masters, particularly oil painting. Through meticulous brushwork and a masterful command of light and shadow, he creates a captivating interplay of depth, contrast, and color in his works. In addition, he still uses dry pastels and graphite.

Luís Parreira’s artistry is an exploration of the human form, a testament to the beauty found within each individual and the boundless realm of the imagination. With each stroke of his brush, he invites viewers into a world where reality intertwines with fantasy, evoking emotions and inspiring introspection.

Luis is an emerging artist who has been steadily gaining international recognition. With a dynamic artistic style and a unique perspective, he has been featured in a series of successful exhibitions both locally and internationally. From captivating audiences in the Azores and mainland Portugal to making waves in renowned art hubs like Paris, Barcelona, and Monzon, Luis continues to expand their reach and establish a global presence.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2022 – “Wonderland” – AnimaPIX, Biblioteca Municipal da Madalena, Pico
  • 2022 – “Once Upon a Time” – Outono Vivo, Academia da Juventude e das Artes da Ilha Terceira
  • 2022 – “WonderWorld” – Centro Cultural de Santo António, Ponta Delgada
  • 2022 – “WonderWorld” – Centro Cultural dos Fenais da Luz, Ponta Delgada
  • 2022 – “WonderWorld” – Centro Municipal de Cultura de Ponta Delgada
  • 2020 – “Wonderworld” – Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo

Collective Exhibitions

  • 2023 – “100 Artistas de Gondomar” – Gondomar, Portugal
  • 2023 – Galerie ARTES – Paris, Françe
  • 2023 – “Pintores de Mil Flores”- Ribeira Grande
  • 2023 – Nauart Gallery – Barcelona, Spain
  • 2023 – Arteria Art Fair – Monzón, Spain
  • 2023 – “Desafia os Sentidos” – Macedo de Cavaleiros, Bragança, Portugal
  • 2022 – “Pelas Mãos dos Altarenses” – Museu dos Altares, Angra do Heroísmo
  • 2022 – “AlmArtista” – Museu Casa do Arcano Ribeira Grande
  • 2019 – “António Dacosta” – Teatro Micaelense Ponta Delgada