Luís Parreira is an emerging figurative artist, living in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores. Graduated and working in the information technology area, from a very young age he used painting as a form of expression and self-achievement.

His artistic journey went through two distinct phases. He started by exploring portaits, in charcoal and dry pastel, always trying to obtain a representation as realistic as possible. Over time, he felt the need to transmit through the painting not only what he saw but what he felt and imagined. Today, his work deals with imaginative content with a certain level of realism, essentially women, with a penetrating look and a majestic posture, sometimes intimidating, reinvigorating the power of beauty and inner strength.

Luís is influenced by references from cinema, fashion, music and unconsciously by his origins. For this reason, it is possible to find anatomical similarities between his family and the paintings, essentially in the eyes.

At the technical level, he uses the classic techniques of Renaissance oil painting to obtain the incredible effect of depth, contrast and color that characterize his works.